May 2017 Stone Tree Course Update #1

May 5, 2017

Hello Everyone:

This is the first follow up to our Initial Course Condition Email of December 14, 2016. We would like to update you on the progress that has been made toward the end goal of opening Stone Tree Golf Course.

Last fall we provided a drone video to show the condition of the course as it was. Having another drone flyover at this point would not show the work that has been done. We are providing pictures instead of some of the work that has gone on for the last couple of months, which will show the progress that has been made – that would seem to be more necessarily “behind the scenes”.

Many of you looking from the road may have thought that the Caddy Shack Gopher has been at work digging out holes. This is not true as you may read what is going on here at Stone Tree.

The priority list (timing wise) is as follows for the near future:

  1. Re doing the irrigation system – nothing will grow (including the greens) without the correct amount of water and this must be completed first
  2. Water Taking Permits – to allow us the ability to draw enough water to provide that correct amount of water
  3. Re growing the greens
  4. Cutting the golf course including starting to shape the fairways and tees

Irrigation System Regeneration

Irrigation Head Locations

  • 99% of the swing joints have been found – some of the heads were not where they would be normally as some of the underground pipe had to deviate around the bedrock under the ground and some search work had to be done in order to locate them
  • The next step was to dig up all of these locations by hand and ascertain the condition of the swing joints, surrounding pipe and electrical wire
  • For the most part 90% of the holes found the equipment in fairly good shape
  • I have provided 2 pictures of what these holes look like and what typically is in the hole (Pictures 1 & 2

Picture 1

Picture 2

Pump House

  • The pump house was completely empty with the Z Pipe to the mainline inoperable, pumps and all electrical panels gone; and electric unhooked back to the hydro line (probably more for safety)
  • Picture 8 shows you what the electrical panels inside the pump house should look like – the electrician has started the process of rewiring the pump house
  • You can see the extensive excavation and other work done around the Pump house to make it more operable
  • We hope to start flushing and testing of the system shortly in sections to determine the amount of damage under the ground

Water Taking Permits

  • The process is going well – this is a drawn out process, and we expect to have the permit in place soon

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Golf Course Regeneration


  • One item of debate that came out of my interviews with Green Superintendents talking with turf specialists and in chatting with veteran Greens Superintendents that I know is how to bring back the greens from the state they are currently in
  • The process is going to include the regeneration of 3 greens that we can get water to without too much trouble is an experiment that may be useful in the future to the industry
  • We will see which process comes up with the best putting surface effectively
  • This process will be started as soon as the weather allows

Tees & Fairways

  • The Bluegrass of the fairways and greens is in really good shape and generally very thick
  • It is currently being cut at rough height for the most part to keep it in control
  • The tees will start to get cut to a lower height soon, followed by an aggressive aeration, top dressing treatment to bring them back to a smoother surface
  • The fairways will start to get cut to a lower height with some shape given to them
  • Pictures 9 & 10 are a little tease showing a famous (or infamous) tree on the course at #3 before and after a rough height cutting earlier this week

Picture 9

Picture 10

Eric Greaves, our Greens Superintendent his assistant, Marty McDonell; Todd MacLeod; Al Lang and Jeffrey Lang have all been working very hard through to this point of the Spring to get to this point which is slightly ahead of where we thought we would be at this point of time. We are truly thankful for them, their work and expertise.

As we move forward I will provide reviews on how the process is going to keep you informed. As in everything – clear communication is most important.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments – I am open to all contacts. I look forward to serving your Golfing needs going forward with anything we can do!

I will continue to contact you and let you know what we are currently doing.

Respectfully Submitted;

Bill Stewart, Director of Golf Operations;

PGA of Canada Professional

Stone Tree Golf and Fitness Club

Tel: 519-376-7899 ext. 102

Cell: 519-572-9939