December 2016 Release

December 14, 2016-12-14

Hello Everyone:

I thought I would bring everyone up to speed on the state of Stone Tree Golf Course and what the plan is going forward.

There are a few things that we have to deal with before we get to play golf on the course, in no particular order:

  • Re-establish a water taking permit with the Ministry of the Environment and the Niagara Escarpment Commission. We have retained a Hydrology Engineer to proceed with this and it will be in place for the beginning of the Spring
  • All Sprinkler Heads were taken and the swing Joints filled with sand to the level of the fairway. Because the grass grew uncontrollably for most of the year, these patches grew in making it very difficult to locate where they were. Usually there are “as built” drawings to help in this process; however; Stone Tree does not have these. We are tracing the lines with a wire locator and have gotten through large part of the course finding where many of the sprinkler heads should go. This process will continue in the early spring until all head locations are determined.
  • The satellite control boxes for the irrigation system were all taken and will be replaced with new ones in the spring.
  • The 2 pump houses were completely emptied of pumps, electrical boxes and control panels. These will be replaced in the spring with new equipment.
  • There is gravel poured down the main connections at the pump houses and main lines will need to be completely reconstructed over in the spring.
  • Once these processes are completed, we will put water through the system and find out whether there needs to be a complete repiping of the system or if it can be done with some patchwork.
  • As a consequence of the heat last summer and lack of irrigation, all 20 greens are in various states of dead to patchy – the worst cases being near the back of the property.
  • Once the irrigation is up and running; there will be a process of breaking down what is there and then aggressively seeding. Depending on the weather – we could play on them anywhere from 3 to 6 months from the seeding. As the summer progresses it is expected that more overseeding will be required to bring the greens back to being great putting surfaces.
  • The fairways and tees are all in terrific shape – being blue grass has been a blessing in this case. We cut them to some extent in the fall and because they were growing uncontrollably all year, they need to be thinned and of course cut down to height. These processes should only take 2 – 3 weeks to complete – so they are not our issue
  • The bunkers and gardens on the property have been ignored and need to be reinvigorated and cleaned up. This process should also be fairly simple and quick.
  • The tee and yardage markers were all taken and will be replaced fairly easily.

On the drone flyover you can see some of the issues we have to deal with and we will show you updates as we progress through this challenging, but rewarding adventure! It has been determined that we are going to make Stone Tree very playable and in great shape for every level of golfer to have great enjoyment here.

The Driving Range and the Academy will be fully operational first thing in the spring and we will be letting everyone know what the programs are shortly

If you have any questions, concerns or comments – I am open to all contacts. I look forward to serving your Golfing needs going forward with anything we can do!

I will continue to contact you and let you know what we are currently doing.

Respectfully Submitted;

Bill Stewart, Director of Golf Operations;

PGA of Canada Professional

Stone Tree Golf and Fitness Club

Tel: 519-376-7899 ext. 102

Cell: 519-572-9939