“Bringing GREAT People Together”



Andy O’Leary – PGA of Canada,

Andy has been a Member of the PGA of Canada for thirteen years. He began working in the golf industry over fifteen years ago and has worked in several areas of golf course operations. Andy spent four years in a management position, most recently as Head Golf Professional and Golf Shop Manager. Andy is now working outside the golf industry but remains a member of the PGA of Canada and continues to contribute through his love of the game by staying actively involved as a Class A Teaching Professional.

Andy graduated from Niagara College in 2009 with a Business Administration Diploma in Professional Golf Management and continues to educate himself on the business of golf.

Andy is a welcomed and well-known face in our community. His ability to establish and enhance relationships allows him to build trust with his clients. He enjoys working with many within the Owen Sound community and continues to enhance his positive reputation.

Teaching Philosophy

Andy builds a relationship with his students to create a form of trust. He believes in individual learning – providing fundamentals and guidance to allow the student to make corrections independently – through repetition. Using technology to provide opportunity for all types of learners, whether it be visual, auditory, reading/writing or kinesthetic. Whatever it takes to help the student reach their full potential.