e following classes are included in your Fitness Membership. These classes are ongoing so no need to sign up, just show up!

*Please NOTE the POOL CLOSES 15 minutes prior to the gym closing each evening.

(Ex. Gym closes at 10pm - Pool closes at 9:45 pm)
**Blue classes are in the pool.

Class Descriptions

Awesome Abs: These 15 minutes are dedicated to your abdominal/ lower back muscles. The result is a flatter, stronger mid section.

Balanced Body: These 45 minutes are structured so you truly get to know your body. Using dynamic movements, you will integrate strength, endurance and flexibility. Your body will thank you for doing things just a little differently.

Back to Basics: Fundamental movement patterns, building in complexity using free weights and body weight. Focus is on controlled and effective movements first, conditioning second. Come out and give it a try!

Cardio Muscle: Combining cardio with weight and muscle intervals. This class will focus on working hard, burning fat and building muscle. Modifications will be demonstrated to allow all participants from beginner to more advanced, to choose their level of intensity.

Core Fusion: *returns in March*This aqua infused specialty program uses the pool as a liquid studio combining the strength and fluidity of Yoga with the deep core conditioning of Pilates.

Fitness Kickboxing: Learn real kickboxing punch and kick techniques and actual combinations.From the warm-up, stance, drills and combinations utilizing focus pads and partner training to the cool down it’s a fun and effective workout!

Lean Machines: It is about getting “Lean”. This interval class switched between using the cardio “machines” and resistance exercises to give you a leaner, stronger body.

Muscle Fitness: Free weights targeting upper and lower body, and abs as well.

Pool Power (Aquafit): Using the water as resistance you will get a cardiovascular workout, burn body fat and tone up! The straighter your arms and legs are, the more water you push so the harder the workout. Go at your own pace in the shallow end or in the deep end for a no impact workout. Power Fit: One great hour of Rockin’ Cardio, boxing, and abs; you’ll get it all in this great hour!

Stability Plus: We start with a 15 minute workout on the cardio machines and then we get into the stability ball. We work on our balance, posture, body alignment, core strength, muscle strength and endurance while sitting on the ball and lifting small hand weights.

Trainer’s Choice: Step away from your everyday workout and jump into our wild Friday! Meet up with the Trainer in the Group Exercise Room where they will show you through a complete workout. Every week you can enjoy a different workout.

Yoga: Yoga is fitness for your mind and body. In yoga your body will move through an array of positions and postures, challenging a variety of muscles. Add this class to your workout for a perfect balance of body and mind. Your results will surprise you.